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Oil & Gas:

Oil & Gas Industry impacts more in world’s economy. Avenir plays major role in extraction, refining and transportation processes in oil and gas sector. In the extraction process Avenir provides engineering solutions related to well cellars/oil wells. In refining processes Avenir supports with engineering in static equipment, all types of skid packages, storage tanks and heat exchangers.  Avenir plays major role also in transportation process which is the challenging part having cross-country pipelines, oil terminals and pump stations. Avenir has a dynamic and well expertized team for taking care of all engineering needs with sharp techniques with timed perfection.

Power Plants:

Avenir has strong foundation in power sectors also in which challenges are needed to be dealt with high level of competency. Yet Avenir is successfully executing its ideology in a way that it looks simple. Avenir has done a multi discipline project for BHAVINI which a remarkable one.

Water Treatment:

Avenir is capable of doing projects for Water Treatment plants regardless of locations and standards. Avenir has done many projects in water treatment segments in middle-east region. Avenir is well versed in storage tanks, surge tanks, de-aerators, water processing skid packages, etc.,

Construction Industries:

Avenir has stepped in Construction industries also. Avenir has alliances all over the world for the supply of construction material and equipment regardless of locations and standards. Avenir can produce economic and better engineering which is the utmost requirement of the clients in the construction industries.


Avenir has dedicated team for conception, analysis and designing of firefighting system. Avenir has done large number of projects for firefighting in middle-east region. Avenir is very good act pioneering in firefighting system with the manner which is efficient as well as cost-controlled.


In the infrastructure industry, Avenir is capable of making significant difference in planning and execution of the projects. Whatever the standards and wherever the locations, Avenir can produce expertized execution with a team having hands on experience of infrastructure area.

Chilled Water Piping:

Chilled water piping is no less important than any other piping segments. Avenir has done more number of projects on chilled water piping in middle-east region and all over the world with satisfied clients. Avenir is very flexible so that whatever the client’s requirements Avenir delivers in style.

Industrial Plants:

Avenir can deliver complete engineering solutions for industrial plants regardless of size, standard, geo location and usage of the plants. Avenir can handle power plants, cement plants, material handling plants, other storage and processing plants.